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Minute Man National Historic Park, the focal point of The Battle Road Scenic Byway features a 5 ½ mile walking pathway follows the route taken by the British Regulars on their march from Boston to Concord and back, which parallels Massachusetts Route 2A. Punctuated with important historic sites, the trail passes Bloody Angle where the Battle Road makes sharp turns that were ambush points for the colonists, the site of Paul Revere’s capture during his famous ride, the restored 18th-century house of Captain William Smith of the Lincoln Minute Men, and the Ephraim Hartwell Tavern where travelers were offered bed and board. Other important sites in the area include Buckman Tavern, where several dozen members of the Lexington militia gathered in the early hours of the morning on April 19, 1775, the Hancock-Clarke House, where the evening before the battle, John Hancock and Samuel Adams were guests and Munroe Tavern, which served as the headquarters for Brigadier General Earl Percy and his troops, and later used as a field hospital.


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